All new - Studio Lighting Newborn Workshop. Posing, editing, business and so much more!

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About the workshop

This is not a workshop that jumps around from pose to pose. It’s a highly systematic approach that I use for every single one of my own sessions. Not only will you walk away knowing how to do poses individually but you will walk away confidently with a system you can use to run your own photo shoots smoothly, successfully and efficiently.

I use this system myself and it works every single time. It doesn’t matter if your newborns come in awake or asleep or are even slightly older newborns. Using my system you can start shooting straight away with confidence. So let me help you connect all the dots as what matters to me and you are real life photoshoots that you can deliver fast with consistent high quality.

So this is not a workshop that you can just come to and enjoy sitting back watching. It will be extremely practical with techniques that you can really take away and apply to your own sessions. From the very first pose I do to the very last pose everything follows a specific workflow.

Posing is fundamental and we are going to nail it down. Camera techniques, white ballance, angle, transitioning, props and bean bag posing. But more importantly we will cover the entire posing flow that I use each and every single session that works.  Then we will also go beyond the surface and show you how to expand your gallery strategically to be able to generate a lot more revenue.

So yes, we will cover all the posing and a typical workshop is going to cover including all the fundamentals however we go a lot deeper. Most importantly you will be able to walk away with confidence how to run a session from start to finish.

Jade Gao

Hi Jade , Hope you are well and everything gone back normal to you. Just few words: THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!! Your workflow changed everything, I cannot believe how much I struggled before. I had 3 babies since your  workshop and was so smooth and  quick also  I  gained so much confidence.

Hi Jade, I just wanted to let you know: I’m very trilled about the workshop I attended a few days ago!  It was by far the best I have ever attended.  It was very practical and you gave a lot of hands-on information.  Yesterday I had my first newborn session myself after we met and I memorised only the first 5 poses that you learned us that day.  I thought: if I come this far, I will be very happy in the end.  Because of the good wrapping techniques I learned, I had 5 poses done in just 10′ and couldn’t believe it.  LOL!  I changed my workflow drastically and I am so happy about it!  I have now more time to improve the lighting and create an even better set-up. 

I would recommend your workshop for sure!
Thanks again!  Hope to see you back one day!
Kim Marivoet

Jade! I started doing your workflow and have had two session done in under an hour! The parents didn’t want a lot of setups (which made it much quicker), but I couldn’t have done what I did without your workshop!

Jade is a person of immense sweetness, and a great simplicity despite its success, easy to approach, close to its trainees, really a Very nice meeting with a real sharing, I particularly appreciated that she continues to take news of her trainees via a dedicated group, to look at the photos and to give advice, thank you again for your kindness and your generosity, you are wonderful!

Course Details

Merritt Island, FL USA – 3rd May 2018

Tuition: The tuition for the workshop is only is $1200 USD. All payments are through Paypal. Deposit for workshop is $400 USD (or $200 USD if paying by payment plan).

Course Structure

  • Learn how to achieve natural light looking images using studio light (natural light portion if available).
  • Wrapping
  • Angles
  • Camera tips and tricks
  • White balance
  • Prop shots (lying on the bag, sitting in the basket)
  • Beanbag posing and transitioning with confidence
  • Mastering your flokati
  • Styling your session for your clients yet keeping images timeless
  • how to get many looks from 1 set up
  • Post production and Editing
  • Pricing, business and marketing
  • Important: You will be able to take photos and use them for your portfolio

Requirements: A DSLR camera and 50mm or 35mm lens. All skill levels are welcome however you will be required to use manual mode comfortably. Basic Photoshop and Lightroom / ACR knowledge.

About the Workshop: Lunch, snacks and refreshment will be provided. You will be added to a private facebook group where you will continue to grow and learn from Jade.

* Deposit is non-refundable and is due at the time of registration. Your place is not reserved until your deposit is received. Payment of the balance ($800 USD) is due one month before your workshop date or by monthly payment as detailed on the form below. If you fail to make payment in full by the due date or in accordance with the payment plan you may lose your place at the workshop. Transport and accommodation not included. See workshop registration terms and conditions below for full details. 

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